Thursday, May 25, 2006

Little Brother...

Just like that i was no more alone
You came in and shared my throne
I frowned when you got all attention
Little brother, I grin when i mention

When you hadn't grown enough to speak
I dumped all my misdeeds on ur streak
You didn't understand what was going on
Little brother, I know that was wrong

Boats and planes we made of paper
Bon Voyage none the lesser
On the terrace under a blue sky
Little brother, our kites flew so high

Knight in armour and half naked wrestler
If it was thrilling we imitated it later
We fought to remotely control the television
Little Brother, bring forth the summer season

Frolics we had under the scorching sun
Battles we fought just for fun
We drenched in rain coming back from school
Little Brother, we broke a few rule

Years rolled on and i went to college
Leaving all behind for you to forage
I couldn't help, it was the usual trend
Little Brother, you were more than a best friend

I don't know how i did as a big brother
I sometimes sit back and remember
Nights we sat on the balcony and sailed with the clouds
Little Brother, whatever you did you made me proud

Life will take us thousands of places
Sometime go back to where your mind traces
Faded moments and boundless laughter will echo
Little Brother, May you find happiness wherever you go

Abhishek Mukherjee
25th May '06

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Was The Grass Green ?

Been a Longtime I smelled the grass
I Am sitting like a useless mass
This office chair I sit and warm
I come and go to nobody's harm

Sometimes are low sometimes are high
Unless u try, Dont give a sigh
I didn't give a damn and took it slow
Fainter the screen infront of me glow

Dance around you angels of heaven
I will wake up when its almost seven
Till then let me enjoy these dreams
Is my mind asleep ? so it seems

Let it burn, Explode your brain
What is the reward of your restrain
Somebody defines evil and good
And you will sit over and brood ?

Light it up, throw caution to the wind
Doesn't matter how many times u have sinned
If there is no heaven neither is hell
If i knew I would come and tell

Dont miss out the times to cherish
Every other thing one day will perish
Hours minutes and seconds are passing us by
You stop crying as your tears start to dry

Breathe it in my friend in need
No one is there to pay any heed
Don't think 'tis a bad thing to be done
Sometimes when one supersedes none

End of it, and what did you learn ?
I taught nothing so save your scorn
What I see now few others have already seen
Oh !!! now I wonder was the grass green ?

Abhishek Mukherjee
24th May '06