Wednesday, February 04, 2009


does a tree grow when its roots shake ?
does a river flow when its current fade ?
does the wind blow when the rythm rests ?
does the ocean swell when the water bates ?
does the earth stop when your spirit breaks ?
does the sun dies when you loose your best ?
the roots hold on to its closest
the source generates the current
the wind finds a new rythm
the rain replenishes the ocean
the earth rejuvinates your spirit
the sun glows stronger than ever
but does a poet write when he looses his flame ?
i pray he does....

February 4th, '09


Indrajit said...

Rocking Bhai.....

Onek onek onek onek bhalo....

MIND SPACE said...

This is very refreshing ...!! Liked it very much ..!

Jioooo ..!!

Abs Mukherjee said...
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Chanchal said...

To answer to all the questions would surely be in the negative, except the very last one.

I was rather looking for a poetic rhythm, but the sense was good.